Kermitool Quality


At Kermitool, we are committed to supplying quality parts within your delivery schedule. Our manufacturing process allows Kermitool to consistently deliver our customers with defect free products. We are proud to say that Kermitool™s Customer Sigma Value for shipments is 6 Sigma or higher.

The commitment to Quality goes beyond the ISO standard that Kermitool follows. We perform numerous in-process checks as well as a final AQL inspection. Our track record for defect free shipments is an indicator of the quality products you can expect from Kermitool.

Our quality system includes:

  1. Grinding tolerances to ± .0001 inch.
  2. In-Process inspections
  3. Final AQL inspections
  4. Calibrated equipment to a traceable standard
  5. Certificate of Compliance with shipments
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